An outlook on Liverpool’s Jude Bellingham pursuit amidst the club’s recent poor run of form

Jude Bellingham has not been deterred by Liverpool’s recent dismal performances, which included a humiliating loss to Real Madrid at home on Tuesday.

Liverpool’s main target for the summer transfer window is Jude Bellingham, but their recent form has hurt the Reds’ chances of landing him.

He has full control over whatever club he joins in the summer, even if Liverpool are still thought to be in the lead to recruit the Dortmund star. 

Because of manager Jürgen Klopp’s planned significant overhaul, the Reds have made signing internationals from England their top priority for the summer transfer window.

The rebuild seems desperately needed after a terrible run of results. A glimmer of hope that their season might be rescued appeared after victories over Everton and Newcastle.

But Liverpool’s devastating loss to Madrid, their worst at Anfield in European history, may have put them behind on a lot of their goals.

Yet, The Athletic claims that Bellingham won’t necessarily be deterred by such disappointing outcomes. The 19-year-old midfielder is reportedly still “a tremendous admirer” of both Klopp and Liverpool.

The Englishman, who is well known for being extremely bright, will likely choose his next team based on its long-term possibilities.

Bellingham’s willingness to potentially go a year without participating in the Champions League is encouraging for the Reds.

The severe loss to Madrid makes it doubtful that Liverpool will win this year’s competition and earn an automatic spot in the Champions League for the next season.

They have little chance of being among the top four. Klopp’s team is currently seventh in the Premier League after seven losses over the entire campaign.

Tottenham, who presently holds the final Champions League qualification spot, is seven points ahead of them in the standings. Bellingham is in high demand at Liverpool because of Klopp’s admiration for his work at Borussia Dortmund.

The Bundesliga club is expected to want a cost that would be nearly twice as much as the Reds’ record transfer, so he will have to spend a lot of money to sign him.

Although it is said that there is still a perception that Liverpool will win the battle to sign Beckham, the loss against Los Blancos exposed Liverpool’s shortcomings.

According to reports, the Reds are worried that they won’t be able to get Bellingham to Anfield. It will be more difficult to draw top talent if they are denied Champions League competition for the next season.

They will have access to much-needed finances for a costly transfer for Bellingham if they win the competition.

Bellingham will need to be persuaded by Klopp that he can change the Reds’ fortunes, but given that the midfielder is a fan of the German, it shouldn’t be too tough.