Jamie Carragher shares unreserved comments on Aston Villa’s Steven Gerrard’s sacking

Steven Gerrard was fired as the manager of Aston Villa while the team was just above the relegation zone, but Jamie Carragher insisted that Gerrard could not be upset about the decision.

Following a disastrous loss at recently promoted Fulham that left his team hovering just above the Premier League relegation zone, Gerrard was fired as the manager of Aston Villa on Thursday.

After a terrible loss at recently promoted Fulham, Gerrard was fired on Thursday. He had only been in charge for 11 months.

The current campaign immediately went south for Gerrard after he kept Villa in the top division the previous year. His team only managed to win twice.

After the loss against the Cottagers, his relationship with the supporters also deteriorated to the point where many vociferously demanded his resignation.

Even though Carragher and Gerrard are still close, the Sky Sports analyst was blunt in his judgment of Villa’s choice to fire him.

“When I spoke with Steven Gerrard on Monday, he was honest about his chances of continuing as the manager of Aston Villa. He hoped that he had no more than two games left to save himself.

His position became untenable after his performance against Fulham and the reaction of Villa’s supporters.” He spoke to The Telegraph.

“Even though he will be wounded and disappointed, he will be the first to say that he understands why the choice was made once the dust has settled.

Although there are extenuating factors for recent troubles, it is tough to argue against Gerrard’s being assessed in the same way as his predecessor, Dean Smith, who was fired after losing five straight games.

Stevie had to return to the players he had inherited during his most trying time, but he was unable to coax a note from them.

The team did not excite the crowd enough in addition to the dismal results, and if you’ve lost the crowd, all it takes is one more subpar performance to seal the deal.

He undoubtedly made blunders throughout his brief tenure at Villa Park. He lost the necessary time as a result.

No matter how skilled a manager you are or could become, if you do not start strong and make every important decision correctly, poor luck is no protection.”

Carragher is optimistic that Gerrard will be able to return to coaching despite his failure at Villa Park.

Although he acknowledged that it could be difficult initially to find a club, he argued that Gerrard would be a valuable addition to whatever squad he manages.

But first, according to Carragher, Gerrard needs to take some time away from the field to consider the reasons why his time at Villa turned out so disastrously.